never have i ever.. halloween

Halloween: Have You Ever . . .  (Made by GlamCat)

() Been trick-or-treating as an adult

() Wore a costume with fake blood

(x) Got scared at a haunted house

(x) Decorated your house

(x) Went on a haunted hayride

() Turned off a movie that was too scary

(x) Ran through a corn maze

() Dressed up like a celebrity

(x) Went to a Halloween party

(x) Saw a scary movie in the last week

(x) Carved or painted a pumpkin

(x) Gave out candy

() Wore a costume to work

() Went to a cemetery on Halloween

(x) Put a costume on a pet

() Wore a costume nobody understood 

(x) Baked something Halloween-themed

() Bobbed for apples, onions, etc. 

(x) Learned the dance to a Halloween song

() Made your own costume

(x) Participated in trunk-or-treat

(x) Made a Halloween playlist

(x) Visited a pumpkin patch

(x) Went to a fall festival 

() Been part of a group costume

(x) Drank a pumpkin spice flavored drink  

() Visited Salem, Massachusetts 

(x) Watched a scary movie at a drive-in

(x) Wore vampire fangs

(x) Had a bonfire

Total: 19/30

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