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What Should You Be For Halloween? (Made by GlamCat)


() You like the color green.

(x) You’re creative. 

(x) You have big dreams.

(x) You feel misunderstood. 

(x) You like to stargaze. 

() You’ve seen a UFO. 

(x) Space travel interests you. 

Total: 5/7


() You have/want blonde hair.

() You wear neon colors.

() You like Aqua’s song “Barbie Girl.” 

() The beach is your favorite place. 

() You drive a Jeep.  

(x) You love to go shopping.

() You’ve designed your dream house.

Total: 1/7


(x) You believe in an afterlife.

() You own white sheets.

(x) You’re very quiet. 

(x) You like scaring others.

() People can see into your soul.

(x) You love cold temperatures.

(x) You ignore people sometimes. 

Total: 5/7


() You like the ocean. 

() Blue is your favorite color.

() Your name starts with R. 

(x) You'd steal to get rich. 

(x) You still use maps. 

(x) You like to drink alcohol. 

() You have a pet bird. 

Total: 3/7


(x) You stay up all night.

() Red is your favorite color.

(x) You want a pet bat.

() You hate garlic.

(x) You avoid the sun. 

() You often wear fancy clothes. 

() You never look in a mirror. 

Total: 3/7


(x) You know the Thriller dance.

() You live near a cemetery.

(x) You never show emotions. 

(x) You’re always hungry. 

() You’re not a morning person. 

(x) You’ve seen The Walking Dead.

() People say you smell funny. 

Total: 4/7

I will dress up as a: chuckie but from rugratz or crona from soul eater

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