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ooc intro!

Hi sillies!!!!!

So this is an actual introduction for me since I don't exactly wanna be known as Sierra lol

Anyway, the names that I go by are Noah and Bowie. Idk which one I prefer more, so just call me whichever one you find fitting :3

My pronouns are he/him, and I'm trans (ftm) 

I'm autistic but idm if you don't use tonetags

I'm a former riot grrrl (still punk though) so that's fun

Anyway, that's all I can think of that you might need to know, so yeah

Bye goobers!!

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why is your profile's name sierra if thats not what you want to be known as?

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I mean i don't want to be personally known as sierra its just for the rp account

by Sierra; ; Report

Like, irl im noah/bowie but like for the roleplay im sierra if that makes sense
so if someone were to address me out of character then it'd be by Noah or Bowie rather than Sierra

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