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Song recommendations

This is in no particular order. If you have any similar song recommendations, please comment! I love listening to new stuff.

1. Graveflower by Acid Bath

Even though Cassie Eats Cockroaches is on my page, I think this is my favorite Acid Bath song. I remember riding around in the back of my dad's jeep, half asleep listening to this song.

2. Blood on the Ground by Incubus

Morning View is honestly one of my favorite Incubus albums, second only to Monuments and Melodies. This song really encompasses the feeling of being surrounded by morons and not being able to speak up without getting your ass beat.

3. Baldpate Driver by Fleshwater

I would have expected more people to listen to Fleshwater considering how big bands like Deftones have been. Fleshwater has the same dreamy, grunge feeling in their songs and I feel like this song is a good example. I used to bike around and smoke to this song.

4. 11-Nov by Team Sleep

I couldn't tell you the amount of times I have fallen asleep or smoked to this song. Makes my brain feel smooth as a baby's face. No further comment.

5. The Outsider by A Perfect Circle

This song actually reminds me of a vocaloid song I listened to years ago. I guess it's because they both deal with the same topic in a similar tone. The song reminds me of how exhausting it is to deal with depression and SH and the frustration from the people witnessing it. 

6. Forced Gender Reassignment by Cattle Decapitation 

Warning before hand: this song is loud. I would also like to mention this isn't an anti-Transgender song. For some reason, this song is really funny to me. I recommend looking up the lyrics since that's one of the most enjoyable parts of this song. 

7. Cherry by The Smashing Pumpkins

When I hear this song, I think of a boy I was friends with at the hospital. We were both there for concerns of violence and he was one of the only people who talked to me for 2 weeks. Love ya Alex.

8. Ready To Blow by KMFDM

Lyrics real as fuck. No further Comment.

9. Dogma by KMFDM

Living in America sucks but so does everywhere else and this song makes me wanna do shit to fix it. KMFDM really does a good job at getting me angry.

10. FPS by Negative XP

Negative XP isn't for everyone but it's definitely for me. I usually listen to this while walking through the hallways at school, staring at my shoes.

11. Institutionalized by S**cidal Tendencies 

As I talked about before, I went to a hospital. Sometimes it's like people are looking for reasons to consider you sick or "damaged". If you ever act difference or have different interests, it's like you're an alien. Song is sick as fuck.

12. Tom Violence by Sonic Youth

Wrote the lyrics for part of this song on the sides of my old shoes. Miss those shoes but they had holes and the rain would get my socks wet. 

13. Goodbye Horses by Sematary & Ghost Mountain

Just listen and let your brain rot! Unrelated but the way Sematary smokes pisses me off. It's like he's scared he's gonna get caught.

14. Girlfriend is Better by Talking Heads

Makes me feel like a pretty girl even though I am neither pretty, nor a girl. You just can't be mad listening to Talking Heads.

15. Sliver by Nirvana

I think this might be my favorite song by Nirvana. The energy makes me really nostalgic. I think back to living with my grandma and eating brownies with ice cream after dinner and building with blocks on the living room rug while she watched history shows. 

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I was wondering if you could recommend me some female artist with this type of genre? ꒰ᐢ. .ᐢ꒱₊˚⊹

But the songs I did like were
Goodbye horses, Tom violence, FPS, Baldpate driver and I also like freshwater my brother and I listen to kiss the ladder, 11-nov.

I have shit music taste but you might like or maybe not idk
-Drive by Dead Sullivan
-School shooter by wych elm
-I really like pretty sick but sadly 3 my friend doesn’t so idk if you’ll like her but my three favourite songs by her are ‘undress’ ‘Angel landing’ ‘All in my head’

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In full honesty, I don't usually listen to female artists so I won't have any niche recommendations.

For that more grungy feeling that most of the songs have, I recommend Jack Off Jill, Bikini Kills, Hole (duh), foxtails, Tracy Bonham, PJ Harvey, sowithout., cryogeyser, and My Ruin.

As for stuff like Goodbye Horses by Sematary, I recommend Elusin, Crim3s, Snow Strippers, and Zheani.

Thank you for the recommendations! :-D
I've really liked wych elm since I first listened to one of their songs back in 2020. You should definitely listen to "Bag of Worms" by wych elm if you haven't already.
I'm listening to Drive by Dead Sullivan while writing this and I actually do like this song! I'll be sure to check out Pretty Sick next. :-)

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Tysm for replying to my comment :3

I kinda just listened to their popular songs. I listened to “bag of worms” and I liked it! I have another two songs that are my favourite which are “vampire empire” by Big Thief and “I bet on losing dogs” by Mitski. I love Mitski so much lmao.

Zheani - I don’t like her that much tbh sorry .
Snow Strippers - I like ‘Know my name’, ‘Fire Alarm’ and I like ‘The Snow Strippers’ album.
Crim3s - don’t like them that much sorry :,).
Elusin - I like ‘valley love’ ‘silhouette’ and ‘Elskling’
My ruin - I like ‘Beauty fiend’ ‘God is a girl with butcher knife’ it kinda reminds me of ‘On graveyard hill’ by pixies in a way
Cryogeyser - tbh didn’t like them that much
Sowithout. - I also don’t like them that much but I do really like their singing
Tracy Bonham - I like ‘Sharks can’t sleep’
Foxtails - I really like their music but not at the same time.
Hole - I’ve listen to this band before I like their music but Country Love not that much . I like the ‘Live through this’ album.
Bikini kill - I know rebel girl from a couple of movies, I might actually start listening to them.
Jack off jill - My friend also listens to them and their music sound good I will also start listening to them.

Something that me and my friend normally do is make playlists for each other of songs we like and we rate them from 1-10 I think it’s fun she made a weeknd playlist for me but I didn’t like his music that much but she has also made me a Lana del Rey one which I loved hehe.

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