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A random part of my life that made me laugh

SO- Back when I was like 7 years old, I used to have a balcony house! I used to visit it often to look at my favorite tree, but then suddenly. A man took out a bottle in front of a car, We'll call him Jerold. AND THIS WAS IN MY VIEW- He took his- yk out, and started pissing in that bottle. THEN SUDDENLY- ANOTHER MAN APPROACHED JEROLD, We're naming the other man- John. John was like "Dude, what the fuck are you doing!?" towards the man. John noticed me from a-far since he said "There's a little girl over there!" then he slapped the bottle off of the man's hand. I ran out of the balcony, LAUGHING- as I heard them arguing. Jerold was just trying to take a nice piss but I wanted to look at my tree. Oh fun fact, That tree was cut off because my neighbor was getting annoyed by it, NICE! 

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