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Ofmd s2 ep 1 *spoilers*


Kinda sad some characters didn't return but that's okay there's some new cool badass characters we got. ALSO VICO ORTIZ???? Im in luv with the new look for Jim like obsessed with it, it fits their character smm. I kinda like Blackbeard's crew both character wise and look wise though DEF not the vibes like Ed needs to fix his issues </3. Though i kinda get Ed :[ he did open up to someone, that being Stede, which is something he never did not even to Izzy, who he's worked with for YEARS. He's going thru the 5 stages of grief he deserves better sobs. I like how Stede kinda realizes that maybe he's really pissed off at him bc like bro dipped and said nothing to Ed so like what did you expect LMAO. It's kinda cute how Stede talks to Ed in his mind even if that does make him a bit delirious but still cute AND WHEN STEDE SAYS GOODNIGHT TO ED AT THE END OF THE EPPPP SOBBING 

also Izzy dead..?? I did and did not expect that at the same time. Although i did hate him throughout the 1st season i kinda liked him in a way. He was utterly in love with Ed like you cannot tell me otherwise. He was really jealous of Stede like i would be too if i tried YEARS TO PLEASE Him. He did everything Ed/Blackbeard asked him to do and all it took was one person who was clueless on how to lead and basically had no 'charming' points to being a pirate and yet that's the one Ed falls in love with. My heart too would be UTTERLY broken I kinda wanted Izzy redemption. Idk if Ed will later on feel bad for killing Izzy. The reason i don't know is because Izzy is almost a reminder of himself, Ed as blackbeard, pre gentleman pirate and heart broken era and he might not like being reminded of who he used to be. Or maybe he might feel bad bc he might have this whole revelation of how Izzy was there for him, at his service like 24/7 and he did not need to be treated like total shit. 

Anywho that is my little (long?) ass rant abt my thoughts of the first ep i still need to watch the other one probably not today mayhaps tmrw who knows lol

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