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What's the best book I've ever read ?

The best book ever might be Percy Jackson by Rick Riordan. Not just the first one but the whole saga up to the last volume of the Trials of Apollo. I've read those books from summer 2019 to early 2021 and I am still the biggest fan. Those books are mixing mythology and humour along with friendship and interesting plot. The author is also amazing. He knows how to write and how to make reading fun. The story follows Percy and his friends for the first 5 volumes and in the 5 Olympus' heroes volumes it follows Jason and his friends (even though we still see Percy and previous characters as well) and the last 5 volumes are following Apollo (the god) and his friends while still being in the world of the first books, so we still get to see old characters. 

This book actually taught me a lot more about Greek and Roman mythology that what I expected. There is as much gods than monsters and titans in the books, it is truly fun to read since the lore is pretty much infinite. - Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book One The Lightning Thief (Percy  Jackson and the Olympians, Book One) - Riordan, Rick - Livres

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In my case the best books I have read are The Stranger or Crime and Punishment

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