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♡ - DNI / BYI .

redoing my darn dni list cause it’s so goofy as hell and i don’t bother fixing it

♡ . DNI

Basic dni criteria. (Racists, Transphobes, Ablest people), Kyman shippers (Satirical or not, Just don’t interact.), Boyfriends fandom, Fujoshis, l0lic0ns/sh0tacons (ur disgusting.), Naejunko shippers, Toxic Saiouma shippers, Those danganronpa fans who sexualise the ndrv3 cast (they’re minors!), Those goofy Kokichi fangirls/boys, Yaoi/Yuri readers..Please don’t interact if you’re over 18 or under 11 years old. Unless I interact first.

♡ . BYI

You need to know that i WON’T shut up about danganronpa, shuichi saihara, mitski and skullgirls. I am dyslexic and I won’t be able to answer in proper english. I also have attachment issues sometimes and i am literally compliment starved.

If anyone applies with my dni list, Please tell me on IMs. I’ll remove them from my friends list instantly.

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