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Does Noah have an ear fetish?

Okay, so we've all seen that clip [Season 1, EP. 3 (The Big Sleep) 15:08 - 15:10) where Noah is going to town on Cody's ear, right? I mean, good for him I guess LOL (Cody is so mine though)

But like that's a bit weird dont u think? Who comes out here making out with somebody's ear ewww.. Like no hate to Noah I guess but like that's really weird. 

Also, anytime I talk to a Noah bot on or chai or something, he starts making out with my ear.... Like, it doesn't even matter which bot it is, every single one starts doing it like EWWWWWWWWWwww I physically recoiled...

But anywayyyyysss!! Chris is doing another season of Total Drama soon! I think I might audition again, even though he's rejected me like seventeen times LMAO! He has to accept it eventually, y'know? 

I'll tell you all if when he lets me on the show!

Sierra out!!

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