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extra info about me (incase anyone is lazy to check my rentry lmao)

heya! the name's sena or romeo, but i also have many great names up my sleeves!

i go by they/he/xe pronouns and a lot of neopronouns as well.
i identified as transneutralmasculine, boythingfail and genderfaun. (and also sealkin!)
i stole most of the masc-aligned xenogenders, you can see them 
i'm biromantic (but i'm more inclined to men so i'm more like achillean as well), angled aroace (demigreyromantic & aegosexual) and tme. (+ a hoader as well!)

i'm chinese-indonesian (bodily)! well, 5% chinese but that's another story.
my main languages that i'm using primarily are english/indonesian (and javanese!), no preferences at all but i kinda sucks at talking in english, in case if you noticed.

i'm 17 years old (bodily) but i age regress sometimes. (props to my little alter leno!)
i was born on june 9 (ha 69) so that makes me a gemini!
i'm INXP (yeah, i put an X cause my statement is thinking = feelings) and 4w5 (a hardcore introvert, if you will).

i have szpd, P-DID (or osdd-1b) and is mentally ill & suspected neurodivergent/autistic (the DID stands for delusional, insane and deranged) + some more illness that will affect how i socialize with one another, such as: schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder (SAD), ocd (not really affect how we will interact but oh well), ptsd, malapdative daydreaming disorder (mdd), questionable adhd, npd (the holders are my dear alters leno & seth), hpd, bpd (both hpd + bpd's holder is my alter xiyn!), bipolar, anger issues (the holder of both bipolar & anger issues is my alter zion!), avpd, alexithymia (i might good with my words i'm not but i can NEVER express my feelings really well, fuck those)social/general anxiety & panic attack. (and the list goes on.... just know that i'm not a mentally stable guy in any way LMAO) (also! all of the stuffs i listed here are self-diagnosed, meaning i'm not professionally medicated, yet. but i do hope in the future i will get serious help.)

here are my fictionkins & interests! i'm also a syshost, you can learn about me more here.

stole this from my easy-to-read rentry because i'm lazy. sorry about that ^v^;;

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