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what's the point?

Man Pekka was so right about everything. The second you get aware of what's truly going on it's all over. You just cannot be happy when you notice what's truly going on around us. We are slaves. I want to be free. Had this conversation with the school counselor and told her about that, how I didn't want to live in this world and all... Even she didn't know what to say lol. It's not as if you could change my mind and stop me from being self aware. Once you know there is no coming back. I'm gonna wait a couple of years to see what life has to offer me, maybe something will happen that will make me change my mind?? (i doubt it, but who knows) I still have some hope. BTW I say Pekka but it wasn't just him, others too. I just really see the world the exact same way as him compared to others which I don't necessarily 100% agree with. 

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You 100% can be aware but still be happy. You have to embrace the absurdity and find some sort of peace with your powerlessness. Because it's not like you have no power or control, it's just that most people have a lot Less than they think they do.
I've been studying politics, history, philosophy, and environmental science for years. No one is more aware of how Fucked we are than people in my field. But here we are. We go to shows. We get drunk and we laugh. We eat good food, and we are happy. You find ways to compartmentalize and cope. People have been doing it for thousands of years, and you can too.

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thank you, i appreciate it. you're right. it's just hard for me at the moment to find good things in life.

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