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random would you rather quiz :P

1. would you rather take a vacation, or stay home?

stay home

2. would you rather have a cold, or the flu?

are they not the same thing?-

3. would you rather be able to speak any language, or talk to animals?

speak any language, specifically german or french

4. would you rather be forced to sing along or dance along to every song you hear?

both, this is hardĀ šŸ˜­

5. would you rather be in jail for 5 years, or a coma for a decade?

just kill me at that point

6. would you rather lounge by the pool, or the beach?


7. would you rather watch nothing but hallmark christmas movies, or nothing but horror movies?

def horror movies, i've never seen a hallmark christmas movie but they seem cheesy as hell

8. would you rather live in a treehouse, or a cave?


9. would you rather be alone all or your life, or always be surrounded by really annoying people?

alone, 100%

10. would you rather have an incredibly annoying high-pitched voice, or a realy deep manly voice?

deep voice

11. would you rather be famous, or rich?


12. would you rather be able to travel anywhere for free, or be able to eat anywhere for free?

eat anywhere for free

13. would you rather have a world where you dance instead of walk, or sing instead of talk?

dance instead of walk

14. would you rather be able to change the past, or see the future?

change the past

15. would you rather it be summer forever, or winter forever

winter, i kind of hate summer šŸ˜­

16. would you rather be able to fly, or to be invisible?


17. would you rather have only hamburgers or hot dogs for the rest of your life?

hot dogs, they are just better imp >:)

18. would you rather live without music, or without social media?

social media

19. would you rather be an animal in a zoo, or a performer in a circus?

performer in a circusĀ 

20. would you rather become a professional comedian, or magician?


thanks for reading! :P

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