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weird things that happened to me on minecraft...

founded TWO pink sheeps in less then one hour of gameplay (I really wish I still had the photo but it was on my broken phone...)

founded a zombie ridding a chicken (not so rare but I think it's pretty funny)

founded a village at the side of a badlands biome and a bit away from that I founded a dungeon 

One day I made a new world and just decided to be an adventurer, I be just walking around the world without making a bed or anything, and on this world I founded SO MANY THINGS, I didn't even counted how many villages and pillager's towers I founded but it was a lot, I also founded a lots of dungeons and broken portals at the end I died and got back to the start without the items I got on all the places I got... but it was a really good experience

got my nether portal blowed up by ghasts so many times it formed a row of portals

accidentally killed a bunny (I putted it's paw on my wall to remember it :´( )

accidentally (again) killed a axolotl

got my dog blowed up by a creeper (I got so sad I just never played on that word again)

ended up a friendship after a friend of mine said "it's just a video game dog, dude"

I can't really remember anything more :D

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