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Day 5 of improving myself until I get a girlfriend

Today was semi-productive. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times as they say. It's exactly what I mentioned last time, even an unproductive day can still be enjoyable and eventful. That is exactly what today was and I did try to get my usual tasks done but I did not have the time to.  Today, I went to the beach but I would like to touch on that later or in some other post instead.

Anyway, like I mentioned, I didn't have much time today. I usually prefer to read in the mornings but I was really busy with housework this morning and I couldn't exactly read atleast not in peace like usual. I got my usual cup of coffee but the absence of Franz Kafka's The Trial was felt. I actually only read chapter 4 this evening at about 7pm. It was a pretty lackluster chapter but it does emphasize the core of the book so I can't be too mad. 

What I did do in place of reading when I wasn't busy with housework was a leg workout, it was pretty good I guess. Don't feel too stiff but I did feel the burn. 

I've mentioned for like the 3rd time that I was busy with housework and I didn't eat breakfast but I did have fish and chips for lunch and then coincidentally without my parents knowing of my eating fish and chips they bought fish and chips for dinner as well. So that's two out of three and that's good enough for me.

I didn't write at all today. I should probably write in my commonplace book which I put in my school bag out of habit but I didn't write at all. Instead, I watched a video essay by Transparency which is a channel that I highly recommend to all. For those who don't know, I write something similar to what Transparency does. Not on the same level of quality but still something similar nonetheless. After driving on the long beach road, I felt an urge to write about my day but first I wanted to watch a Transparency video because they really inspire me in writing. 

Of course, I did my hygiene today. When I'm not going anywhere, my hygiene just goes to shit but when I'm going out, I have to act like that stereotypical Disney portrayal of any teenage girl, we've all seen a Disney show where the teenage girl spends hours in the mirror fixing her hair and makeup, well that was me. I had to, I was going to the beach and I wore my leather jacket and my jeans and my scarf and I stood over the ocean thinking I look all contemplative only for a group of teenagers to walk by and make fun of my outfit. Atleast I liked my outfit.

This morning before doing my chores, I watched Bottoms and it was a great movie that felt parodious but turned into its own movie by the end. Hazel is the best character, if you ever want a perfect representation of how I act outside of the online space just watch any scene from Bottoms featuring Hazel. I also listened to The Glow Pt.2 by the Microphones and I don't have many thoughts on that album.

Thank you for reading, I gave a piece of "advice" in my last entry so my advice for today is to stop and smell the flowers every once in a while, I get so caught up in my routine and schedule that I don't realize that it's OK to break routine sometimes and just enjoy life instead. I went to the beach today and I drank up every little detail, I was lost in thought for the whole day, just Reminiscing on the past. I'm definitely gonna write a tumblr blog on my beach trip...

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