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DNI !!

- Basic DNI Criteria

- Proshippers

- Fakeclaimers

- Endo/tulpa/demo systems

- People who call me or my source a crossdresser !! I am a GIRL !!

BYI !!

- I'm super high energy all the time

- I make kys jokes when I'm close to someone (if this makes you uncomfortable let me know)

- I'm a fictive of Kiyoharu Suirenji from Magical Girl Site

- I LOOOVE to infodump

- I have a hard time shutting up

- I'm an extrovert

- I am SUPER gay (aka I won't stop talking about my girlfriend)

I'll add more if needed!

We have a discord, ask if you want it ! :3

Please check out our main account and my girlfriend's account!

Check out my rentry! (Under links)

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