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Recent updates!! (Sorry for not posting)

(I’m going to put this on a blog post too, I’m doing bulletin here cuz more people will find it) 

Hi sorry for not posting here much I tend to post more often at school due to it being boring af, now that schools started for me again I tried using it buutttt the internet that I was tryna use to access the website didn’t work. Maybe I’ll hotspot off my phone??? 

So! Stuff that happened during the holidays. 

Went out on a couple of events with my youth group, which was fun. At my youth group they have little nightmares 1 for some reason?? So I played it when I was there and it was SO funny because in the kitchen part of the game there was a weird glitch where six would go under a counter and one of the chefs would attempt to grab me but then get stuck in the invisible wall, so he was just staring zoned out at the camera. When I left the room to switch the lever and came back that chef was STILL there looking high as fuck I swear to god I shat myself laughing. I also got little nightmares 2 on my pc and I love it but atm when I’m typing this I’m doing the doctors part and I’m so scared of those stupid fucking dummies and can NOT. The sounds of nightmares is really awesome too.

Oh yeah, and when the holidays started I watched Fionna and Cake and I really liked it! But I actually have never really watched adventure time….? So for context I DID watch adventure time back when I was 10, but I thought it was boring and didn’t have any plot so I never finished the rest. After I watched the first episodes of fionna and cake I was like, well it’s been over 3 years… I’ll give adventure time another try. And let me tell you, I’m on season 4 right now and I’m LOVING it!!!!!! It’s so good???? So I’m doing that right now, I’m probably not gonna watch the rest of the new fionna and cake yet because I don’t want anymore spoilers for adventure time. 

I also watched Wendell and wild recently, and as much as I hate saying this.. that movie is so.. so bad. Well, it HAD potential to be awesome. And I did really enjoy the start of the movie, but That ending sucked ass and they did not know what to do with characters. Are they good, bad, chaotic, morally grey? I don’t care, pick a fucking side PLEASE. 

Idk why the fuck I managed to convince my dad to get this but uh my dad got me No Longer Human??? The Junji Ito version??? I don’t really want to get the original, I feel more comforted by reading the Junji ito version just because I feel like I’m reading a gift to Osamu rather than reading Osamus literal death book… which is more comforting. I don’t know how to feel about this book, and in a way it makes me feel really.. gross. It’s just so raw. Idk, I’ll finish it at some point. 

Uh, on a much lighter note.. today I played Oneshot! Yeah I finished the game.. sorta (spoilers) 

I decided to save the world instead of smashing the light, even though I care about Niko a million times more then this stupid world being saved. But I felt like it was the right choice. After all that was what the game was supposed to be about, right? I deleted the save files and now I’m apparently doing a solstice route. I want to help the author, and I want to help Niko. 

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