Is Bitview safe?

Hey has any used the website called Bitview its a youtube clone that looks and acts like really old youtube from around the early 2010s or early 2000s but i wanna make an account and rate and comment on people vids and stuff like how people used to back then cos i really never used old youtube before and i hate how youtube is nowadays but i wanna know if the website is safe or not to use and if its worth using as a youtube substitute?

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according to some reddit posters it is considered safe, I don't know how legitimate that info is tho
here is the post:

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yea i saw that and a lot of people say its great but they dont say its a safe website or anything tho but idk i wanna make an account but i looked on their policy page and it says that people will be asked for their email address and that it will collect your internet service provider and other similar info so idk if thats a normal thing websites do or what??

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