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mi dni + byi!! (updated!)

dni if:

-14/21+ ! i am 16 so keep that in mind :D

basic dni (




dsmp supporters



users who romanticize yanderes :/ (idrc if you play shit like yan sim because i used to, but you get hwat i mean)

sh/ed glorifies

rctas/ectas (ew.)

if you say you are me or kin me. (doubles dni please / block me)

anti-irls/fictionkin (that whole "i won't feed ur delusions" shit)


i am not in the best mental state, so keep that in mind when interacting with me.

i am an irl (list in another pinned blog). please do not question why /srs , it gets me very anxious! i refer to myself in first person as these characters a lot. i may also change my profile name to what i feel most comfortable being referred to as.

speaking of anxiety, i'm not good at interacting first or speaking first, but i love making friends. feel free to message or int with me first :3 i won't find it weird.

i struggle with tone a little and i am autistic, i need tone tags!!

i do make nsfw jokes occasionally with close friends only, lmk if you are ever uncomfy.

i block liberally if you just seem off to me :/

i swear A LOT!!! i can always tone it down if needed!

i use 'bro' and 'man' as neutral terms, pls let me know if ur uncomfy :3

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