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2. october 3rd, 2023

honestly, what do people do with confidence? i've never been a confident person, but sometimes i'll listen to a song or something and my motivation will skyrocket. it's weird. humans are just weird. i just don't think there's anything weirder than being human. i talked about it yesterday, humans get weird thoughts and then we think that we're crazy for it. sometimes i think i'm crazy because i have these weird bursts of extreme emotion. like, i'm not bipolar or anything, but sometimes i'll be sitting all happily, listening to music or something, and then i'll be super sad in like an instant, with thoughts spiraling all over the place. emotions are something i don't understand either. i was listening to this song earlier, i cant remember what it was called, but it made me feel like some kind of deity or whatever. do you ever get feelings like that? im positive that it isn't just me, because i see playlists sometimes that are called like "songs to make you feel like the villain" or whatever. does that actually happen, or is it just for a title? i don't think i'll ever know. 

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