My Vamp Lore!

This is my personal canon of how vampires will work in my upcoming novel. A lot of this is ripped straight from Anne Rice's canon, but I want to put my own spin on some of the aspects.

  • Vampires are not undead. They are living beings with blood in their veins, they are warm. They are elevated humans.
  • Vampires spread their condition by draining their victims, and then feeding them their own blood. The draining must take place to weaken the victim's boy enough that it won't be able to fight off the magic disease.
  • Vampires are not indestructible! You can harm a vampire in any of the same ways you can harm a person. However, a healthy vampire is extremely resistant to disease and will heal rapidly from injury. If a vampire is sick from malnourishment and is subsequently injured or contracts an illness, they can heal themselves by drinking blood.
  • Vampires can only drink the blood of the living. Dead blood is poison.
  • Vampires must drink blood once a week at a bare minimum. However, they are at their healthiest when they're feeding every day.
  • Vampires are not affected by the diseases of their victims. However, they are affected by any drugs in a victim's system, leading to junky vampires. They can do drugs in traditional ways too.
  • Vampires naturally become more beautiful once they have turned. This makes their victims more likely to comply with them.
  • Vampirism elevates fitness and physical strength. Vampires see greatly improved results from exercise.
  • Vampires have excellent co-ordination, dexterity, and speed. This allows them to climb much easier than humans.
  • Vampires can hibernate. Just like anything that hibernates, they have to binge eat enough to keep them alive through to the end of their hibernation period.
  • Vampires can go out in the day. Sunlight will not kill them outright, but the daytime does drain their energy and power.
  • Vampires are built for the night. Their eyes are sensitive to light, giving them amazing night vision, and their circadian rhythms naturally shifts so they feel tired in the day and wakeful at night.
  • Vampires sleep during the day.

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I love vampires! :D

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Askskfnf me too. Twilight brain rot

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Sounds pretty cool and funny enough alot of these match up with castlevania vampires lol but i hope your novel goes well maybe post a chapter on your blog fr.

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Thanks! I'll prob put some little excerpts up as I go bc I've literally just started it and I barely know what it's about haha

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