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moderators pls read this!

im the account @asillybilly aka EPSIL­č¬ÉN ! that got suspended for absolutely no reason. legit im so confused on what i did because i was LITERALLY ON BREAK from spacehey for a bit (due to nsfw and gore accounts showing up on the website) and i came back to my account being suspended.i really wish i knew why i was suspended. ive sent an email about my complaint and i never got an answer. when i got suspended there was no email sent to me about why. this makes me very upset knowing i worked so hard on my profile and also knowing i had A LOT of friends on that account i cared about. i love this website so much and it is honestly my life it really sucks that this happened.┬á

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I guess the good news is that you're suspended and not deleted?

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Same happened to me a few weeks ago, my account was suspended for no reason

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that is so weird

by EPSIL­č¬ÉN !!! 2.0; ; Report

sussy skibidi toilet gyatt rizz in ohio

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you came back at the worst time because it wasnt a problem at all anymore until literally today

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by EPSIL­č¬ÉN !!! 2.0; ; Report

the gore accounts stopped when you left and didnt start up again until today

by sussy skibidi toilet gyatt rizz in ohio ; ; Report

oh yeah true that fucking sucks and i hate it

by EPSIL­č¬ÉN !!! 2.0; ; Report