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My top 20 tracks - September 2023

It's that time of month again.
I'm so sorry this one's awful I'm not sure how to explain this other than I'm working on a project.

20: Why Can't I Be You? - The Cure
Perfect love song, makes me think about my girlfriend. I've also been listening to this album a lot on CD recently, so maybe this should be way higher up on the list.

19: True Romantics - Lebanon Hanover
Been listening to Lebanon Hanover a lot more than usual recently. This was one of the songs that introduced me to the band actually.

18: Bravi! - Repo! The Genetic Opera
Get used to seeing this fucking soundtrack. It's gonna be appearing more and more the higher up we get on this list. Anyway I'm convinced that this only got here because the song is so short, means statistically I'm more likely to listen to it or whatever.

17: Alice - Sisters of Mercy
Another band I've been listening to a bit more recently. It took me a while to get my footing with their music and discover parts of their discography that I enjoy a little more than the more popular tracks such as Black Planet, but I really enjoy this song, the riff is catchy as fuck.

16: A Better Place, A Better Time - Streetlight Manifesto
I originally found this song through a cover by Toh Kay, but the original recently has become by favourite version. I think my test in music was just way different back when I originally heard this song, so I wasn't as drawn to the sound of it as I am now.

15: Rose of Flesh and Blood - Plastique Noir
This song is my current go-to music when walking to and from university (when I'm not listening to my rehearsal playlists) and I HIGHLY recommend giving it a listen even if goth/dark wave/perma wave/whatever isn't your jam.

14: The Physical Attractions - The Symposium
I keep going back to this track, it just scratches some kind of itch in my brain every few months. Not usually something I'd like either, it's been in my mental discography for a year or so now.

13: At the Opera Tonight - Repo! The Genetic Opera
Here we go. I'm not gonna spend long on any of these songs. Nothing to say.

12: Let the Monster Rise - Repo! The Genetic Opera
Iirc this is the song that introduced my girlfriend to Repo!, so is therefore technically the reason I'm into it.

11: Last Minute - WINGTIPS
At first I found this track a little too poppy for my tastes at the moment but this song is such a fucking groove, I recommend it. The singer kind of sounds like Robert Smith, it really feels like a modernised version of The Cure's tracks, especially from Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me.

10: Thankless Job - Repo! The Genetic Opera
Seeing a pattern?

9: Pro-test - Skinny Puppy
My personal favourite Skinny Puppy song. I'd love to get a tattoo of something from this song maybe?

8: Nightmares By The Sea - Jeff Buckley
Honestly I don't think particularly strongly of this song until the chorus or whatever kicks in, I don't hate it or something, just doesn't jump out at me until the chorus. But the chorus is banging. Instantly turns a meh song to a 10/10.

7: Genetic Repo Man - Repo! The Genetic Opera

6: Gold - Repo! The Genetic Opera
Okay I do have something to say about this one actually. Gold is so underrated, it's one of the best songs on the soundtrack, Paul Sorvino's voice could bring a grown man (me) to tears.

Guess how many Repo! songs are in the top five before scrolling!!!

5: Tear You Apart - She Wants Revenge

Constant banger, when this played at the goth club I danced until I felt physically sick.

4: Night Surgeon - Repo! The Genetic Opera
In my defense, this is my favourite song on the soundtrack.

3: Legal Assassin- Repo! The Genetic Opera
In my defense, this is the song that sold the play.

2: Things You See in a Graveyard - Repo! The Genetic Opera
In my defense, this is only here because it's in my Repo! playlist twice.

1: Chase the Morning - Repo! The Genetic Opera
In my defense, this is objectively the best song on the soundtrack.

Anyway yeah I'm working on something. Sorry for the fact that eight of these songs were Repo!, I just use my Spotify stats. I've also been listening a lot to Rumours, Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me, and Nevermind on CD. From each of these albums I would estimate the song I've listened to the most is Second Hand News, Why Can't I Be You?, and In Bloom. And for anyone wondering, the next eight songs on my Spotify stats (that weren't Repo!) were:
Romeo's Distress - Christian Death
Say Yes - Elliott Smith
Stripped - Depeche Mode
Precious - Depeche Mode
All I Want - The Cure
Magic Tricks - Covstline
Durdu Dunya - She Past Away
April to Death - Flower Face

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