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Album Project 4: Blonde

This time i listened to Blonde by Frank Ocean:

This album is pretty different from the sort of thing I would normally listen to, which is the point of doing this!! On my first listen I was admittedly distracted but i could understand how the music on the album was so beautiful and very well made but i didn't quite fully get the hype..until i got to Nights, which pulled the whole thing together for me and made me *get it*. The André 3000 feature was soo good (very excited to get to the Outkast album on my list). Frank Ocean has such a beautiful voice, they're not even necessarily the most technically skilled vocals at all times but they match the tone of the music so well. I'm re-listening to the album as I type this and ,wow, every song has some great little hook in it that pulls you in. I really like the tapestry of commentary throughout the album. My stand outs for this album are Pink + White (its so popular for a reason) and Nights.

next album is Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa

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