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Types of Intelligence and Anaylsis

Types of intelligence;

Linguistical - Read,write,talk,listen

Logical & Mathematical - Quantiify,Think Critically,Reason,Experiment

Visual & spacial - See,draw,visualize, Color, Map

Bodily & kinesthetic - Build,Act,Touch,Move,Dance

Musical - Sing,Rap,Drum,Play

Interpersonal - Share,Teach,Collaborate,Interact

Intrapersonal - Connect to self, Make Authentic Choices, Reflection

Naturalist - Experince, Connect to living things, Care for, Explore


Analysis types

From sources across the web

Data analysis

Exploratory data analysis


Predictive analytics

Regression analysis

Descriptive statistics

Prescriptive analytics

Statistical inference

Medical diagnosis

Factor analysis


Qualitative research


Content analysis

Causal analysis

Sentiment analysis


Linear discriminant analysis

Time series

Analysis of variance

Cluster analysis


Cohort analysis

Mechanistic analysis


Data analysis methods

Descriptive analysis

Exploratory analysis

Diagnostic analysis

Predictive analysis

Prescriptive analysis

Statistical analysis

Data analysis process

Need identification

Data collection

Data analysis methods and

Data cleaning

Data analyzing

Data interpretation

Data visualization

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