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My obsessions ~(>v<)~ (people ver.)

♡ Malice Mizer ♡

Fav era: All

Fav singer: All

Fav member: Mana (but I love all of them)

First song I lisent to: Aegen 

Fav songs: Sadness, Beast of blood, Baroque and Transylvania

listening to them since 2022

♡ Mana ♡

Fav oufits: Gardenia and all Tetsu era/ Moi Dix Mois oufits

(Fav MdM song: Deus ex machina)

Fav make-up: All

I have a Mana doll (pullip)?: Yes

I thought Mana was a woman at first?: Yes

I really love Mana?: Yes, a lot, I'm his #1 fan

Fun Fact 1: I'm his #1 fan

Fun Fact 2: He is a great inspiration to me (I want to dress like him)

Loving Mana since 2022

♡ Sean Brennan ♡

I have LAM merchandise?: Unfortunately no

Fav hair color?: the one in the photo

I really love Sean?: Yes, I'm his #1 fan

I want to be like him when I grow up?: Yes

Fun Fact 1: When I started listening to LAM I didn't know how Sean Brennan looked like until two months later.

Fun Fact 2: I love his make-up and voice

Loving Sean Brennan since last month

♡ Siouxsie Sioux ♡

I want to be like her? Yes

I really love Siouxsie? Yes, a lot

Siouxsie and the banshees or The creatures?: Siouxsie and the banshees 

(Fav songs: Slowdive, Face to Face and Spellbound)

Fav M/Vs: Face to face, Slowdive, Arabian knights and Spellbound music videos

Fav oufit: All

Siouxsie is an inspiration to me too?: Yes

I have Siouxsie and the banshees merchandise?: Unfortunately, I don't

Loving Siouxsie since 2022

♡ Atsushi Sakurai ♡

I want to be like him? Yes, absolutely yes

I used to have a crush on him?: Yes

I know a lot about him? No, still learning

I really love Atsushi?: Yes, he handsome (I can't say I'm his #1 fan but I still loving him a lot)

Still raining? (Tik tok trend reference): Yes

Loving him since this year (idk the month)

♡ Elvira ♡

I want my hair like hers?: Yes

I have her (Cassandra Peterson) book?: Unfortunately no

I love the movie?: Yes, a lot

I really love Elvira?: Absolutely yes

She's iconic?: Yes

Fun Fact: I love her make-up and oufits

Loving Cassandra and (the character) Elvira?: Yes

#2 fan?: Yes

Loving Elvira since May

+ -------------------------------------------------------- +

That's all

(In the future) maybe I would update this





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