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a photography archive

hi y'all !

here's a little archive of some of my favorite photos i've taken. i'll most likely update it as i take more photos i enjoy, unless i decide i'd rather just make a new post with new photography of mineย 

this is all from the past couple years and either taken on a rebel canon t7 or my shitty iphone-- i hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you do !ย 

a photo of a man walking toward a trash bin, the left half of the screen in a sort of purple-looking shadow and the right side in bright light

a photo of a winding roadway, big bushes with white flowers on the left side, some cut-off palm trees on the right, and mountains in the back

a photo of an open door to a train car from the inside, warm light flooding in and benches with mountains behind them outside the door

a photo of a train station, the railroad crossing through the middle of the frame. the photo is warmly lit and there are many lampposts and powerlines littered across, with little shelters on each side of the station platform

a photo with a slightly purple-tinted light blue sky in the background and a pink flower with some yellow-green leaves in the center

a photo of a colorful tree-lined street with a cobblestone road and one particularly big tree on the right side. a wooden cart with two men in it rolls away from the camera down the road

a photo of a yellow, gray, and black train approaching a station from the right of the frame. it comes out from under a bridge, on the left side of which there is a wall covered in ivy and many ramps with rails

a warm-toned photo of a gray-brown cat walking toward the camera, having just come round a corner of a house

a photo of a grassland with mountains behind them, zebras dotting the landscape. two zebras in the foreground press their foreheads together

a photo of a father paying for drinks for himself and his two daughters to the right of him at a bright and colorful juice and smoothie stand. the names of the drinks are all displayed on the stand in spanish

a photo, the top two thirds of which is simply light blue sky, and the bottom third full of the tops of buildings, a sign that says 'frank', and an overhang with wisteria growing all over it

a photo of a soft white-petalled flower with other little flower buds. in the background is a eucalyptus tree on the right and a light blue sky at dusk

a photo of three lionesses, each behind the last, laying on a grassy hill with a bush on the left side. the lioness in front stares intently to the right of the camera, some blood still on her cheek

a photo of a lion with yellow-brown eyes, veiled by little branches with small leaves on them between the lion and camera. a tree trunk covers the very left side of the lion

a photo of a very fluffy yellow bird with angry-looking eyes, perched on the gray roof of a car

a photo of a baboon with no arms walking away from the camera along a dirt road

a photo of four baboons walking away from the camera along a dirt road. the father leads the way, carrying the smallest on his back, and the mother and other child trail behind

a photo of a light brown and dark gray ostrich crossing a dirt road, its neck sinked low so it makes a 'u' shape. one of its feet is in the air as it takes a step

a photo of two people-- one with dark, wavy, shoulder-length hair and the other with dark, straight, short hair-- bending over laughing together in front of a froyo store

a photo with most of the frame filled simply with concrete, a small brown baby bird with a white belly in the top right corner

๐“…ญ ๐“…ฎ ๐“…ฏ

wishing you lots of lovely images in your everyday

- xalli

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the quality of the pictures are so good omg!! youre a great photographer :D

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ur so sweet tysm !! i'm so glad you like them all ๐Ÿ’—

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I love the color balance in these. I am truly impressed with how well you capture bright scenes without letting them get washed out or sending them to yellow hell.

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thank you sm !! i definitely think that's a result of my rebel t6 being kind of broken aka i have to manually adjust all light setting so i understand them pretty well. took some time & a learning curve but i'm happy w my photography now :]

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