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my favorite enstars cards 300923

This addition to the "favorite ___ cards" is going to be an absolute pain, since there are 49 characters.

I'll do them slowly. One character a day, maybe.

Eichi Tenshouin (i don't know. this one is pretty. i like the feathers. not really a fan of ex-fine but i like the card)


Wataru Hibiki (I WAS GOING TO CHOOSE ANOTHER CARD BUT his hair is super pretty here. i love the bird!! his braided hair is so nice ^_^)


Touri Himemiya (i feel like i have recency bias.. but this card really is pretty)


Yuzuru Fushimi (pretty!! i love the bird)


Hokuto Hidaka (this card is really neat tbh. he's so pretty. trickstar haters dni)


Subaru Akehoshi (i have an entire paragraph about this card somewhere. i also had another paragraph written before the site RELOADED. hell on earth)


Makoto Yuuki (guys guys guys guys it's makoto. i'm going to go insane. makoto is so.. pretty i love him so much. for the first one: daydream x reality is a banger. if you disagree you are wrong. daydream x reality haters don't exist. they can't be real. pls listen to this song. i am dead. for the second one: i love him so so much. the way he is taking off his glasses. it's showing him becoming more confident, i'd like to think. like he can't be hurt. he is looking down at us. he has this smile.. i love makoto. i wish gay people were real. also makoto is really pretty but he's always pretty. if you think he only looks pretty without his glasses you are WRONG)



Mao Isara (uhm deciding was hard.. tbh i don't really know .he's pretty i guess. i also have this card so uhh bias towards the fact that i got two copies in my second ten pull. i just wanted leo 4* from the event so i decided to pull lol.. anyways)


Chiaki Morisawa

Kanata Shinkai

Tetora Nagumo

Midori Takamine

Shinobu Sengoku

Hiiro Amagi

Aira Shiratori

Mayoi Ayase

Tatsumi Kazehaya

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hi :3 trickstar will commence

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getting this done WHEN

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finishing this WHEN. i need to talk about my top 5

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