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moved in!

i dont have too much stuff so it only took around 2h, sorry for the dry posts recently, there was an incident on here that put me off a bit.

other stuff happened too, i was sat on one of those uncomfy blue plastic chairs in a waiting room for 2h just for my appointment to have been cancelled a month ago without any warning, i went to tesco in the pissing rain and realised i couldnt afford anything because its 2023 and capitalism is getting itself comfy now, got on the bus just to look at all the fields and then i watched some TV.

I might go back out on the bus with my friend just to relax, I don't even remember if they run at this time but i am too tired to cycle, maybe i could borrow his mums car? its a fiat 500...  (edit: just checked and theres 0 chance with buses unless i wait 5 hours)

if that doesnt go to plan maybe i could go to the beach? beaches at night are okay... not sure when sewage was last poured in though.

i am also really excited for the firework season to start, also, i have figured out recently that im a bit of a chav... i either wear an adidas tracksuit or a football shirt with jeans with the same old reebok trainers, i think it all looks nice on me but my god i am so unoriginal, theres no way people go to the pub, see some guy in a tracksuit bought from sports direct and think "Wow! he looks interesting" ...maybe i am overthinking?

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