୨୧ Before You Interact

hai everynyan >_< this is ognna be like all my info abt me byi    so     yeah :3

i'd like to start off that i am autistic && have bpd (who owuld have guessed) i also struggled with ed and sh and  i talk about these two quite often (more about ed but yknow) so if  ure not comfy maybe dont interact w/ me for your own comfort ^_^  uhm m what esle my prns are she/lace ( u can also use he/him idc ) so pleasseee use thsze ...,,, IDKKkkkk im not rlly active on here since i  dont have ANYone fucking added (YET pleas be my fcriend) 

TJATS IT GOODBYE byebey seals emoji sleal emoji seal emoji :3333

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