The Existence of Aliens... and No One Cares...

I saw one of my friends post about how they found signs of life on one of Jupiter's moons, and I just can't shake this and I need to post this bulletin about it.

A few months ago a couple of high ranking US Air Force men came forward with what they saw in the skies during some of their training missions. 

These men talked about seeing an object flying and darting around and it seemed to defy the laws of physics. 

Not only that, it came up from the ocean. I'm pretty sure the one incident known as the Tic Tac incident, was a UFO that came up out of the ocean.

The Air Force men said these objects were jamming their radar - which is a declaration of war, had it been another country doing it, and it was also flying around the planes and might have put their lives at risk. 

A few of the other men talked about how these UFO's or UAP's were able to turn our nuclear weapons online, and then offline. Not only the United States, but also Russia and China have reported similar claims.

So not only are our military whistleblowing and saying, hey we saw these things, other countries are saying the same.

The fact that these beings or these craft have the ability to mess with our most dangerous weapons should alarm you and make the hair on the back of your neck stand up. That is a matter of national security. What if what of these things made a nuke fly up? That's nuclear war. That's every one and everything you know is dead.

These men also talked about the potential of these beings being dangerous. They couldn't outright say it, but they eluded to the fact that some of the personnel might have been injured and/or killed. 

They talked about recovering "biologics" from crashed vehicles... aka bodies. Again, they couldn't outright say whether or not it was "alien" bodies, but it was heavily eluded to that fact.

Along with several other mind blowing testimonies, stories, and eye witness reports... and the fact that it was all swept under the rug. You're probably reading this confused and wondering where the hell I got all this from because you didn't hear about it in the news? And if you have.. then thank god someone was paying attention.... that's because they didn't push it. They wanted us to think of this as no big deal. The major news networks never pushed this out and in my opinion that was a disservice to everyone on this planet. It just goes to prove that if something doesn't involve the main narrative of what they want you to think or believe, then they won't push it out there. This story should have been international news. This should have been shown in schools. This should have been on the front of every news paper just like 9/11 was in 2001... but it wasn't. It was shoved under the rug to be forgotten about and it was downplayed. What I'm referring to is the 2023 Congressional Hearing where top military commanders from the US Airforce testified under oath to Congress about what they witnessed with UFO and UAP activity. 

When the news broke it was almost immediately politicized with the left claiming it was just all a big distraction and that they didn't have time to care because the planet is dying and they have bills to pay and the cost of living is too high... okay... but none of that will literally matter if these beings have figured out how to use our nuclear weapons... or figured out how to get us to start a nuclear war... they're literally messing with our most dangerous weapons. It is the scariest thing I could ever think of.

And then you have the right claiming that everything is lie, these people are full of shit, and it's because a lot of the right are conservative Christians, and them accepting the fact that the aliens are real and are here directly contradicts the Bible and God... with just a few of them believing that it proves the existence of God. 

The men testified under oath to Congress... I do not for one second believe they are lying or making up stories. Why would they? The conviction in their voices. The way they talk about what they witnessed. There is no way they're lying. I believe these men.

Listen... I think it's dumb it was even politicized because it's not just the United States effected by this... it's literally the entire planet. Everyone in every country. 

I know a lot of you probably did not take the time to read through all of this and it's a lot... but when you gaze up at the stars, do you really think we are alone in this universe? There are billions of galaxies, if not trillions, maybe even more than that... they all have their little suns with their planetary systems and you think Earth is the only one with life on it?

If that is the case... that makes me feel extremely lonely... a little planet in a galaxy with 7-8 billion people on it... and we are the only ones? I doubt it. I highly doubt it.

Anyway... I'm about to spiral into an existential crisis if I start thinking about how we are all just floating around on a space rock... 

If you read through all of this, I love you. Thank you for taking the time out of your day and I encourage you all to copy and paste this youtube link and listen to this. I know it's dry... but the parts where they really start talking about the UFO's and biologics is INSANE. Also all the hoops that the investigators had to jump through to get information... really kind of reminded me of Mulder and Scully from the X-Files.

here's the link:

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