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(Archive from Bulletin) I love old school vocaloid sm

Original upload date: 9/28/23

Dksjjsjdjdjjs recently I’ve been getting into like- old old vocaloid songs/content (I’m talking ab 2007, 2008, 2009 type of shit 🤧) especially since I’ve gotten interested in lost media vocaloid songs around that time (I’m looking at you Dr. Willy/Willy Laboratory’s and Scapegoat-p :)) )

But anyways- something I love ab vocaloid songs around that era is that 9 times out of 10, the PV used for the song will look like it was done using a toaster but still sounds actually kinda good/goes hard even 🤧😭

And like- I also don’t wanna judge the PVs from that time too hard just cause why???? Tbh I kinda dig it unironically- it just has a unique charm to me like the oldness of it I like looool idk how many people will relate to me on that- but yeeeeeeee 

(Tbh this would fit more as a blog post- I’ll probs archive it there sometime later then cry when 10 days go by and it just disappears from the face of the earth cause your dumbass forgot LOL)


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