Finally, the scientists are being honest!

‘It’s not a matter of if, but when we will detect signs of alien life’

I mean, they’ve detected gasses only produced by marine life on earth on a planet that’s light years away. To me, that just confirms it but whatever. They’re gonna be testing planets and moons over the coming years in hopes of liquid water. Where there’s liquid water, there is life. Fact. They think within 2 years we will have found undeniable signs of life.

We’ve gone beyond Roswell in 47, microbacteria on Mars, ice on Mars, all things that may hint at that possibility. At this point, it’s all but printed that alien life exists. And anyone that disagrees is just wrong. 

They even think Europa, one of Jupiters icy moons, may contain life. I think there’s even possibilities that life can exist without water, just because that’s how it is here doesn’t mean that’s what it is everywhere in space. 

I think that discovery of alien life will change our understanding of biology, maths, physics, chemistry and survival forever. I’m just glad that the closest possible lifeforms are still too far for us to just go kidnap and dissect. 

When, and it’s soon, the news breaks that I, and many others, have known for fucking years, I hope that people react kindly, and openly. I have a feeling there will be chaos in a lot of religion orientated places though. 

Space is endless, it’s vast and always expanding, and so are the possibilities. It’s possible that some alien life will never be detectable to us. It’s also possible we can detect but never communicate or touch them. It’s possible they may be just like us. 

The change this will bring to the world is incredible. And I can’t wait. Best news ever, I’m so excited. 

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Not to seem like an endless skeptic(but I totally am) but I fail to see what proving that life exists elsewhere would really do. I'll also say that while it seems unlikely that the universe is devoid of life in this era of space, I think it seems equally unlikely that two living systems would ever be placed not only so close that they could possibly interact but at a similar enough time.
Impressions of the beginnings of life in a lot of places are only really indications of the possibility at some time which i feel we are already aware of. I feel that enough people already believe enough or arent particularly decisive on the existence of others that it wouldnt make much a difference, save for the "i told you so"s and solidification of preexisting ideals because of it.

This doesnt really mean much because the reasoning is somewhat circular but i thought i'd mention it anyway. The observation selection effect is where there is correlation in an observation made and it being observed. The universe is observed to be the way it is because we are there to observe. So I feel like thinking "because we exist, others must also" is kind of unfounded and an inherent bias of existing. (also just a lot of crazy religious podcasts that talk about aliens being part of their respective works so i imagine thatd be a pretty big money maker for people like that and like religious conservatives or something)

(my apologies for the semi formal speak and i couldnt keep my thoughts straight. Its a habit to speak formal on interactions im unsure of)

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It would change a lot. The majority of societies are built on organised religion. The existence of life, intelligent life, outside of earth would disprove a lot of what religion believes, and therefore by extension, what society is built on.

I think that’s the biggest barrier to truth. The outcry that would come from religious groups and societies could be dangerous. Plus, a lot of people have been heavily affected by aliens, abduction stories, dead livestock, it would give those people credibility and closure.

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