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I slept hard last night I think I woke up around like 7:20 but I didn't get out of bed until like 7:45 I think… I was supposed to take a shower but it was okay cuz I only had one class today so I was just going to take a shower after class and decided to just rough it out in my hoodie for the one class. :P Sometimes it feels like no matter how much sleep I get I really just have no energy but maybe today is more of an effect of me not having enough sleep yesterday (─。─) I'm not really sure how sleep replenishment works….like if you go to sleep at 3:00 a.m. one day and then the next day you go to sleep like at a proper time will you still feel exhaustion cuz you haven't made up those three hours technically?? but then it's like… what about naps? are they just useless or can they make up the lost hours.. I'm not sure.. ¯\(°_o)/¯ when we were talking about sleep in class on a different day I talked about how I wasn't sure if I was a short sleeper or a long sleeper cuz I didn't really feel refreshed when I woke up and this one girl said that she thinks that it sounds like a vitamin deficiency and after class, she came up to me and recommended that I should take zinc, which I thought was nice of her to tell me (´・ᴗ・ ` ) I might try it out but I have no ride to Walmart so for now it'll just stay on my shopping list haha… 

In class we worked on the Cruella Creeper video but we were just working on the props and setting stuff up. We brought the Panasonic camera over, I kind of wish we brought the Sony one instead because I feel more confident using the Sony than the Panasonic… but then again I don't think I'll be directing so it'll probably be a problem for somebody else LOL.. One of the online students came in today and it's kind of bizarre because it's weird to think that like those online students are actually there cuz they never talk w(°o°)w I mean I'm aware that people can exist and they can have full lives that have nothing to do with me but it's just bizarre knowing that like these people were actually real cuz like sometimes online students are just so.. non-existent if that makes sense? Like they just don't talk or anything which I don't blame them for cuz when you're online it gives you like major way to be super shy but its just wackadoo to know someones actually there. :O One of the props we had to do in the video were Post-It note and for my personal notes I made sure to add those kaomoji thingies !! I don't know what it is about them that is just so appealing to me right now…. I mean I don't use them all the time but I like to use them in these blogs cuz I think they're cute… though whenever I'm like typing typing I don't use them because they take too long to search up LOL  

After class I took a nice fresh shower! it's pretty cool to like shower in the morning cuz I feel less of in a rush to shower since everyone is in class…recently I've been thinking about those girls, you know the ones that like when you walk past by them they smell really good even if it's on like a hot rancid day and everybody else smells sweaty but they somehow dont? I've kind of developed like a low-key obsession with being one of them but to be so truthful I smell like pits when i sweat LOL… I want to be them so bad though! When I take my shower I use this coconut pina colada body scrub and it smells so good and like I hope that like if I rub it in enough I'll smell like one of those girls but I just don't think it's cutting it( ̄□ ̄;) I mean I definitely smell nice when I get out of the shower but the smell doesn't last that well… I think the solution to that problem though is that I'm just going to have to buy a bunch of scented products to get close to that result…the question is though, is this the scent that I want to dedicate myself to? Before I tried using lavender perfume but I don't think I'll smell good if I'm like an amalgamation of things.. I think I have to pick one :P I was doing lavender before because I know a lot of people like it and well.. I don't hate it and it definitely has some benefits of like being calming and like melatonin stuff or whatever but also I really dig fruity scents like orange and mango but also what if that like makes me smell worse….(⊙_⊙)  like have you ever worn deodorant and like you were really sweaty and then it had like a really gross sweet smelling smell??? or maybe that's just me lol…. I think if I had more towels with me I would shower two times a day and then maybe that would help me on my journey of being entered into smell nirvana :OO

If I'm being honest I don't really remember what I did after I took a shower I think I worked on my orange drawing a bit and apparently I called Gigi but I didn't remember Me calling her the first time We probably watched some Fionna and Cake till her internet kicked out LOL I'm really liking Fionna and Cake but I'm a bit surprised that it's ended already we haven't finished the series yet but I've seen spoilers and heard people talk about it :P 

I went to lunch and I had gumbo a bread roll sweet potato and banana pudding I think the South has finally gotten to me because a few years ago I really would not be into any of that except for the banana pudding LOL I don't know why I was such a hater on sweet potato though it literally tastes like a dessert hehe… I don't think I'll ever be the type to get into grits though because while I've gotten used to like the slimy okra texture I just I don't know … Something about grits is just horrendously wrong to me LOL

 after lunch, I started feeling really exhausted so I just sat in my bed for like an hour …You know now that I think of it I think this is when I actually called Gigi not earlier LOL… I just caught myself within a lie #fake memories…. I think I need to eat more brain food or something or maybe the bad sleep is rotting away my brain >o<

Okay, I'm getting really sleepy so I'm just going to speed run this last part… after my break I went to my work-study I didn't do really anything I just worked on my medicine cat thingy again! I made some good progress on it..I was trying to change the colors but I couldn't find the generative palette thingy and I was too lazy to adjust it myself so that's just going to have to be a problem for another day LOL we talked about the gallery and like if we should allow more professional graphic design artists to be in the gallery show I said I think it'd be fine but there's also the issue of the professionals like outshining the actual student so it might be a bit controversial to have them there. After my work study, I just crashed in my bed for another hour or 2ish and then I went to dinner and oh my gosh y'all… the dinner was like so wack I mean it tasted fine but guys they like skimped me out on food so hard and I don't get why the portions were so small!! you think I'm kidding but it was literally the size of like my palm I was so baffled LOL  I have a photo of it so you can see what I mean.. I just think it's crazy that they're feeding like whole college students these sizes…. like dude a 10 year old wouldn't even be that satisfied off of this…. anyways after that I just have been in my room. I did my English homework which surprisingly wasn't as miserable as I thought it would be and then I was keyword was going to work on my oranges but I'm just not feeling it I have some time tomorrow morning though and then it should definitely be finished so that's just going to be a problem for future Moomiii

Anyways, that was my day! thank you for reading and I'll be less lazy with writing tomorrow LOL

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