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so tired of people

What pisses me off is that some idiots cry about their right to free speech has been supposedly taken away from them by the modern age. What those people don't realise is that the right to free speech means that the GOVERNMENT will not censor you. Freedom of speech does NOT mean you deserve a high-five for saying slurs and degrading women. 

Read the last two statements again before commenting. If the government itself isn't censoring you, your right to free speech is intact and in no way harmed just because your insensitive or immensely hostile beliefs didn't have a positive response.

Someone crying about how someone else found their comment offensive will always be more pathetic.

Thank you.

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i do kind of think should be a thing outside of government. what i mean is we should have it as both a right and privilege. freedom of speech is important for us to have on these mainstream sites (as a privilege), but your completely right that no right is being denied.
and i do completely understand censorship. while the government shouldnt do it, i understand a site not wanting that disgusting shit and the bad reputation that comes with it. but another thing, google gets money from the government and is huge on censorship. its pretty bad to me that the government gives money to make something an integral part of our life and then of course it doesn’t have to follow our rights

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by L-Darko; ; Report


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People when hate crimes have consequences

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i do not know why have people made entire careers off being as insensitive as humanly possible

by L-Darko; ; Report

Genuinely hate people like that and the people that brush of their behaviour because they’re a “ comedian” or something

by Frank5; ; Report

It's not even comedians anymore. It's all political influencers or someone that presents themselves as a role model for the young and influenceable.

by L-Darko; ; Report

True as well

by Frank5; ; Report

The amounts of kids that say vile shit is insane

by Frank5; ; Report

Stuff like that just enrages me. I don't want to even name the influencers that glorify misogyny and discrimination because knowing that they exist makes me enraged to no end.

by L-Darko; ; Report

I even get annoyed by the people who just causally go round saying shit like “women ☕️” or the get a job thing

by Frank5; ; Report

They complain about modern culture being 'ruined' as if they're not the problem. It's all sickening. I'm probably gonna try to distract my mind now, thanks for talking though. :-)

by L-Darko; ; Report

Same here : ) and me too that’s enough negativity for one day

by Frank5; ; Report