Today's Reading 28/09/2023

28 Sept 2023

Today I'll be using my Autobike deck.

Three of Hearts (reversed)Nine of Spades (reversed)Four of Hearts
My cards today are the Three of Hearts (reversed), Nine of Spades (reversed), and Four of Hearts.

Three of Hearts (reversed)
The Three of Hearts is silent.

Nine of Spades (reversed)
- Next to Heart (left): Death of a close relative you do not love and will inherit.
- Next to Heart (right): Break-up between friends.

Four of Hearts
The Four of Hearts is silent.

My goat :( I hope she'll be okay. We're stopping by the vet to get more medicine soon. I really don't wanna give up on her, even if taking care of her is exhausting... The B-complex seems to be helping, though. That's the stuff I'm most keen on having.

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