Roswell 1947

One fateful night in July, 1947, the world changed forever. Science changed forever. In a remote farm, in Roswell New Mexico, a UFO came crashing down in the field. A farmer went out, saw the wreckage and investigated. He found a piece of metal, he said he could crumple it up, and it popped right back into shape.

Shortly after, the US Army arrived, and took the craft, and debris away for study. Newspapers went wild, UFOs found, aliens found, first contact made. July the 9th, however, the stories changed. The millitary claimed to have inspected the debris, and that the craft was merely a high altitude weather balloon. Offering no explination to why, or how, it came down.

The stories didnt end there, Generals and Doctors involved claimed bodies recovered, and that they had communicated with aliens via the power of thought. One general claimed that he had heard in his mind, 'You are not ready yet, we will come back'

Things went silent, until 1979, where more people alive in the area at the time came forward. They spoke of flying discs, grey men, and the Roswell crash. The US government found these baseless, and came forward to say the balloon was a nuclear test balloon, part of Operation Mogul.

Its unknown what truly unfolded that night in 1947, but its no coincidence that on the 18th September, 1947, the CIA was formed and on the 26th September, 1947, the US Air Force seperated from the military. Many claim this to be due to the events of WW2, but the events clearly line up for me.

Back when I first took interest in aliens and UFOs, back in the mid to late 2000s, photos were easily accessible online. I saw countless photos from the autopsy, now all that are left online are from the film, I also saw photos of the wreckage and crash site, all taken down now. I regret not saving these.

Regrdless of your stance on Roswell, no one can truly claim alien life doesnt exist, in 1996 microbacteria was found on Mars. I truly believe that aliens exist, and they do, and have visited earth. I have seen a UFO myself, and watched it vanish in front of my eyes. I have found photos of the same UFO in the 1950s in America too. I believe they can time travel too.

I understand the various agencies being reluctant to come forward with the evidence we all know they have. Theres a lot of idiots, and a lot of people who I dont think could handle that fact. It would also wipe religion of the face of the earth entirely. But, I do feel although there should be some transparency with having recovered UFOs, and things non terrestrial in origin. Hiding these things helps no one.

I hope in my lifetime the truth will be revealed, and not as a smoke screen, or half the story, just the full fucking truth.

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