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mmm anxious

Ever since i've got to college i've felt like anxious like.. all the time

and i've been through this before in middle school, where I was so anxious I couldn't step into school without my anxiety shooting through the roof. But this is college.. so much more important, worth so much more, and costs a whole lot more. I can't continue to skip lecture, arrive 10 minutes late and leave 20 minutes early. Im ruining my own college experience and it's so frustrating.

When I get anxious though.. I can't be rational, I just freak out and immediately try to relieve the panic by escaping. And Im ruining my education. 

I thought I was better, this sort of.. class interrupting anxiety, never occurred during high school, and if it did it was minimal and easy to control. 

Very annoyed , very stressed, very exhausted, very over it.

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