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autumn this or that

Autumn This or That (Made by GlamCat)

1. Pumpkin Bread or Apple Pie?

pumpkin bread

2. Ghost or Vampire? 

vampire o_o

3. Hayride or Corn Maze? 

corn maze 

4. Deep Orange or Bright Yellow?


5. Warm Bath or Warm Fire? 

warm fire 

6. Flannel Shirt or Hoodie? 


7. Football Game or Drive-In Movie?

drive-in movie all le way

8. Pumpkin Spice Latte or Hot Cocoa?

i am basic 4 the psl 

9. Creepy Clown or Creepy Doll? 

clown :O)

10. Haunted House or Graveyard?


11. Soup or Chili? 

i like both but s oup

12. Costume Party or Camping?

camping :p

13. Jack-O-Lantern or Scarecrow?

jack o lantern !

14. Corn On The Cob or Candy Corn?

i don't like either but corn on the cob ig

15. Earthy Brown or Deep Red? 


16. Cinnamon Rolls or Pecan Pie?

cinnamon roll

17. Cozy Sweater or Cozy Socks?


18. Pumpkin Carving or Pumpkin Painting?

pumpkin painting is a lotta fun (my friend and i did a spirited away one awhile ago but they're bad when disposing them 4 the animals so carving 

19. Halloween or Thanksgiving? 

halloween def

20. October or November? 


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