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hello !!!!!!!!

hiiii ^_^ !!!!!!!!!!! 

fun fact #1: this is my third spacehey profile!!! (i may or may not have abandoned the other ones cause my personality completely changed lol) but uh yea fingers crossed i dont change identity overnight and abandon this 1 !!!!!!!!!!!! 

okokokok introduction! 

my name is star & i use they/them pronouns!!! i love diy and making zines & my fav thing is drawing. the top 3 media im obsessed with rn is probably 

1. adventure time: fiona & cake (writing this while procrastinating watching the final episodes lol) 

2. what we do in the shadows 

3. good omens 

(honorable mention to the magnus archives and our flag means death which ill probably get re obsessed with once new content comes out) also i dont actually play video games all that much but i lovee omori, night in the woods and life is strange <3333

ok well!! my dms r open if anyone wants 2 talk - even tho i probably wont answer cuz australian timezones are like midnight everywhere else (& also social anxiety but shhhh)

byee :33

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