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DNI + BYF !!!


- The basic DNI (Homophobes, people who disrespect ANY religion, pro-shippers, racists, gore accs, transphobes, nsfw accs, etc)

- If you're gonna disrespect any of my interests 

- Fans of dsmp 

- If you're a total bitch to anyone for no reason

- iZombie haters

- Fetishizers of people based on their sexuality, weight, religion, or race

- People who think fiction doesn't affect reality 

- If you actually consider yourself an "Alpha male"

- The TOXIC tcc (like if you have 0 respect for the victim's families, romanticize the killers, make the killers your pfp, and/or are just really weird about true crime)

-Serious AND smart looking profiles, it freaks me out if you use these smart-ass words constantly  (;′⌒`)



- I'm a minor, some people obviously don't see my age

- I always try to accept friend requests as quickly as possible and I always accept them! (Unless you go against my DNI list obviously)

- I go by she/they, but maybe if you wanted to address me with other pronouns or some fun neopronouns, I'd be fine with that!

- My time zone is UTC-5 (Central Daylight Time)

- I literally have no idea about what Homestuck, Tokio Hotel, or Tally Hall is (I'm putting this because a lot of my friends like these things)

- I love talking but I'm so shy and awkward that It's insane (Hopefully you'll forgive me if I send you dry and short texts)

- I unironically say "Erm" It started off as a joke but I literally can't help but type it for some reason my bad

- If you say something to me that can be taken in a different way, please use tone tags because I might think you're being mean/sassy (and not in a funny way)

- I'm dramatic, so sorry if I end up unfriending you I'm probably in the wrong for that

- I cuss sometimes and some people are uncomfortable with that which is perfectly okay, but you probably shouldn't friend me if you are uncomfortable with that + I make nsfw jokes and bulletins 

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Teach me your ways on how you do your layouts they're super CUTE!!!!

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That's the link for the layout I'm using for this blog !!!

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