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okk so i just finished reading 4.48 psychosis by sarah kane, that i had to read for literature class, and i liked it so muchhh ugh.

sarah kane was so based... it gave me goosebumps,, i got the same sensation when i read last words from montmartre. there's something about what's beautiful and sad/tragic at the same time that just gets to me.

it's supposed to be a play, but it's not written like one at all.. i think that's genius. i wish to see it on a theatre someday!! any of her plays but specially psychosis... wonder how it's possible to make it work. 

this isn't exactly one of the most explicit/crude lines, but it was one of my favs.. 

"Cut out my tongue

tear out my hair

cut off my limbs

but leave me my love

I would rather have lost my legs

pulled out my teeth 

gouged out my eyes 

than lost my love" (p. 22)

i like love being depicted as a sort of all or nothing, above it all. as something so precious that no pain is worse than losing it. 

well rip sarah kane she was so talented :( hope her mind's resting now fr fr ❤️

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