For those who don't know, I'm quite literally an airheaded smarty-pants. I'm relatively okay at my work, decent grades, etc. My best subject? English. I love it SO much. However, there's one arch nemesis I've had for years. One that continues to haunt me in all its glory. One that consist of useless amounts of letters and numbers.

That's right, math.

I hate math.

Math was fun at first, until it became a bunch of mumbo jumbo that you could swear you'd only hear a 1800s psych patient mutter. 

Vess, stop being so dramatic! Math isn't that bad!" Yeah until it has you sobbing and wanting to curl up into a ball and fly into a soccer Field.

I haven't learned a damn thing this whole trimester, and midterms is next week. Omfg. 

Anyways, end of rant...( ̄  ̄|||)


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This is so real man. My worst subject I try really hard to get all A's but at most it's always a B or C (ToT)

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The highest grade I've ever gotten in that class is a C it do be a struggle

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