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my favorite Melanie Martinez song quotes (TW a lil bit)

"dont fear of death, just fear of life" (Angels Song)

"so you laugh through your tears" (Crybaby)

"i wish i could give you my set of eyes, 'cause i know your eyes, aint working" (Orange Juice)

"they dont think too hard, 'bout your fragile heart" (Leeches)

"if they say to kill yourself then you will try it" (Sippy Cup)

"instead of making fun of me for the body i got, just teach him to keep it in his pants and tell him to stop" (Strawberry Shortcake)

"you’re not real, just like me" (Field Trip)

"is your empathy actually authentic, is it?" (Field Trip)

"or be taken advantage of, 'cause your hearts too trusting" (Brain & Heart)

i’ll add more later but this is what i have for now

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love these! gave u some kudos for that (two kudos)

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