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Downhill Slide

It's the latest dance craze, everybody do the downhill slide! :D

*free lyrics if you got a bluesy tune that needs them

it's when you start feeling like crap, and you're getting depressed

that's when you put this dance to the test!

shuffle 'round your empty house all alone, weariness settled into every bone

that's when you're doing the downhill slide

prep your emotions for a bumpy ride!


oh the downhill slide, how you feel inside

big depression comin' on

everybody doin' the downhill slide

doin' it dusk to dawn

you know when you're doin' the downhill slide, any fun just seems like work

and somehow you cannot stop yourself from being a real jerk.

no fun doing the downhill slide, wish it'd leave me alone

got this sadness creepin' in,

wrappin' 'round my bones.


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