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intro post >_<


Rio / Andi



Pronouns+ Gender + Sexuality

check out my pronounscc!

About Me

i am autistic and have a hard time telling tone through text

i LOVE LOVE LOVE sonic please talk to me about sonic

taino descendant boricua + honduran :33

fav food: baleadas

fav color: green

fav drink: ginger ale

fav season: autumn

fav animal: jerboa / gerbil / praying mantis

fav game: sonic unleashed / sonic forces


i know that dni lists are kinda useless. i get it. i can't prevent you from interacting with me over the internet. just know that i will block you if i don't like you.

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fred durst

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we should be friends cuz ur super cool omgogmgngogmgmokjkfjdgsjg

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kai ninjago

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shadow the hedgehog

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shadow the hedgehog

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