HELLO EVERYONE; It's your favorite fag, here! (Kade). Uhhh... So a few months ago, my friend group and I (which consists of Dylan, Goose, and my boyfriend Roman) spoke about creating a band, with me being the lead guitarist. Roman and Goose said yes to joining, Roman being the drummer, and Goose being the bassist, but then we all got caught up in trying to figure out the social media and advertisement situations, plus how the fuck to get enough funds for all three of us to get our instruments. (We're all broke boys.) And then I like.. Just now got this amazing idea (which is probably a very dumb one). I'm not asking this because I want to be annoying, I'm asking because I would genuinely love some assistance. If you're old enough to donate money, I'll link my gofundme page below. I'm not sure if the link will work if you click on it, but I know for sure that you can copy it and paste it in any internet browser! The fundraiser has an explanation on why I created it, since it was required. Thank you for taking your time and reading if you did, I would just love it if you took even more time out of your day to visit the site and think about donating for me. I'm not begging, I'm just asking politely!

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Sadly I can't donate any money, but as someone who is in a band you don't need to get a bunch of expensive equipment right away (unless you need instruments, then obviously that's a problem). Take your time. I would be focusing on writing, experimenting, practicing, etc. Also if your band is all in the same school try asking your music teachers if you could use the equipment you're missing at lunch. If you're just trying to get your sound out already you don't need the quality to be amazing, just simply recording yourselves with a phone is a start. Sorry if my advice doesn't really help or crap you already know. Best of luck to you guys!

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