maybe ill do an intrudction 2 my ocs [yall i want ur opions, tips + tricks, etc on this]

so like i wanna do like a meet [inesert oc name] or have someting (website, blog entry, etc[ where yall can see my ocs their traits, their family tree, their quotes, birth place, description, etc. i saw someone else do this before.

i was like in the car scrolling thru spacehey blog posts and found theirs and it instantly sucked me in. i think i messaged them too so ill prob say smthing like "inspo by [insert their user] and show them if i work up the courage to

idk this is just a lil idea that sparked in my head and i want other people's opoions on it before i do so

so uh yeah <3

sincerely etheral :3

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