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AJ ♡

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I read in ur bio that u like to play video games, which made me realize I don’t actually play all that much, but do you have any recs or favorites? Maybe from different video game genres :)

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Do you have a dream friend?
like a friend you wished you really want and desire?

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favorite band/artist/album?

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can you tell apart M&M flavours by colors?

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Oakley(˃ᆺ˂✿)'s profile picture

What do you find the most interesting about earthbound other then it being an RPG game?

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by Oakley(˃ᆺ˂✿); ; Report

The most interesting about EarthBound? It'd have to be it's dialogue, aesthetic and wacky places you visit. It's a fascinating game with witty humor and sometimes it gets lewd... I like the whole 90s vibe you get from the game with it's gross out humor. EarthBound is an amazing game that will always stand the rest of time.

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!! RA-11 !!

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any game reccs ?? ive been trying to branch out O_O

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Well, what consoles or whatever do you have.

by JaydonEpic (autoplay!); ; Report

Just have a pc ( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

by !! RA-11 !!; ; Report


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Thoughts on UT/DR?

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I think they're both really good games. Toby Fox is an awesome game developer with A LOT of talent that pushed the limits of Indie games. I haven't played either myself but I know why they're so loved

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top three games you have the most hours in? :o

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The most hours? Definitely Ultimate for like, uhh... haha— 6 thousand. Then probably GTA V with maybe 1,000? Then uh, Fortnite with 400 because I used to play it a lot back in the day.

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What got you into Super Mario RPG?

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I wanna say I was either 9 or 10 when I discovered Super Mario RPG on the Nintendo E-Shop. I actually found out about SMRPG from Chuggaaconroy when I watched his series. I loved the game on the Wii U and that's what sparked my love for Mario RPGs.

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1. Fav adventure time character(s) 2. Do you plan on watching Fionna and Cat since its the spinoff

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It'd have to be Fern, Jake, Finn, Rattle Balls, Root Beer Guy, Huntress Wizard and probably Flame Princess. Oh, I actually watched all the episodes so far! I consider it to be one of the best things AT has provided. I love this episodic adventure!

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thoughts on porky earthbound?

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This might be a long answer lol... Porky is such an interesting character. I think he's probably one of Nintendo's BEST villains and most darkest. The lines in Mother 3 and not showing remorse for what he did... He's such a selfish jerk. I love his character design, too. I wish he had gotten into Smash but oh well

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ೃ࿔*:・ 𝚖𝚎𝚕 *ೃ༄

ೃ࿔*:・ 𝚖𝚎𝚕 *ೃ༄'s profile picture

have u ever listened to the lovin spoonful ?

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No, unfortunately. I tend to listen to video game music more often than not. I will give it a listen depending on the genre!

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Sweet, salty, or sour?

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If I had to pick one... It'd be salty. I like adding salt to a good majority of my foods, so I wouldn't wanna lose that extra flavoring. Sweet and sour are great but I can do without it.

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fav nintendo characters?

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Favorite Nintendo Characters? Personally, it'd be Link, Skull Kid, Luigi, Toad, Diddy Kong, Geno, Ness, Lucas, Porky, Jeff... I basically consider myself to be a fan of all Nintendo's IPs. Those are the characters I personally enjoy the most though.

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ooo ty !^^

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