Finding Meaning

"Finding meaning in the meaningless" is what I find sums up as humans. Often people try to make our existence have some sort of purpose when in reality it doesn't. Religion is a prime example of this, are people scared that after death there is no result? That nothing we do ever matters? Well it's easier to live life when you except the consequences of being born. Spend your life however you want to but, I don't understand the point of wasting your life with meaningless conflict. Why should we even care about our emotions? If you want to be the best, achieve 'great' things, then why were you designed with these flaws called feelings? Some people are unable to feel much at all, I think that that's the best feeling. When you just don't care anymore, when everything feels pointless. Or maybe I'm just talking about depression, either or it allows you to set your spirit free. When you have no motivation to do anything life demands it's much better doing things that you want to do. When are people going to start following themselves and stop listening to standards?

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