I think I'm finally seeing through people. I really don't mind if they don't like me. I've noticed that people only hate things that are inconvenient. I think a big part of that is learning. People are uneducated and they want to stay that way. I think that's kind of beautiful. Every person is so flawed in their own way. There is no perfect person, you just have to learn to accept that part of people. 

Along with this, accept yourself. If you don't expect other people to be perfect, why do you expect it of yourself? Obviously if you see something in yourself that you don't like, change it. I hated how judgemental I was of myself and others, so I started taking a step back and realizing that I rooted my judgement in hating people that are different or "cringe". I now think that it's beautiful to be different. 

I can walk somewhere and when people whisper about me, I don't take it personally. They are uneducated and afraid and I understand. Instead of resenting them I finally just hope that they finally stop putting that judgement on themselves and others because god knows it's draining. 

Moral of the story, to all the freaks out there, I love you and I see you.


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